In June 2022, Yana European Small-Cap Fund SCSp invested in Averna Invesco III Ltd., a single investment vehicle which made a significant investment in SI-UK. SI-UK is a student recruitment agency helping non-UK students to enrol in UK universities. The company is active across all continents and supports aspiring students in the end-to-end process of applying to a UK university. Services range from helping aspiring students find the right course to study to drafting applications and supporting students with visa issues. With an ever-increasing pool of international students applying to UK universities and increasing usage of student recruitment agencies, SI-UK is well-positioned to continue to grow organically, to further internationalise and remain an important partner for universities to market their services to aspiring students across all continents.

Yana invested alongside Averna Capital, a UK-based independent sponsor focussing on transformational mid-cap investments in the financial services, FinTech, business services and industrial sectors.

After the investment in Akixi in February 2022, SI-UK is the second transaction of Yana European Small-Cap Fund SCSp, which plans to make 7-10 investments in leading European small-cap companies over the next 2 years.