We believe that private equity should be about entrepreneurial investors fostering entrepreneurial companies. That’s why our heart beats for the small-cap market.

We take pride in being investors in growing companies and working closely with the next generation of private equity managers.


Between our team, Investment Committee and Industrial Advisory Partners we have run private equity teams, built small-cap private equity firms, done successful direct deals and sat on numerous company boards. Some of us since the mid ’80s or ’90s…

It’s fair to say that we have seen and worked through many up- and down-cycles, which sharpened our investment judgement.


Integrity, transparency and honesty are values that guide our actions.

No white-washing of performance, no hidden fees, no overselling of a deal’s virtues in our investment papers. Full disclosure is our rule.

A diverse team with extensive entrepreneurial, industrial and private equity experience throughout Europe.

Dr. Hanspeter Bader, CFA

Founding Partner

Stephan Seissl

Founding Partner

Rutger Linderoth

Investment Manager

Andrew Marchant

Investment Comitee

Jérôme de Metz

Investment Commitee

Marc Dellmann

Advisory Partner

Sven-Olof Kulldorff

Industrial Advisory Partner

David Kauffmann

Industrial Advisory Partner

Scott Arpajian

Industrial Advisory Partner

Markus Giesswein

Industrial Advisory Partner

Ralph Jaeger

Advisory Partner