In December 2020, funds advised by Yana Investment Partners have invested in FELFEL. Founded in 2013 with the goal to free office workers in Switzerland from boring food offerings, FELFEL is today the largest operator of corporate catering services in Switzerland by a number of locations, serving more than 550 clients. Around 100 FELFEL employees provide c. 100,000 end consumers access to an ever-changing selection of ultra-fresh food prepared by Swiss family businesses. The innovative concept and its founders, Daniela and Emanuel Steiner have received multiple awards including the Swiss Economic Forum Award (2016) as well as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2018).

Yana Investment Partners worked alongside THF (Toni Hilti Family), a Liechtenstein-based family office that brings vast experience in the food sector to the business. Together with THF, FELFEL is planning to continue its growth path and launch new innovative products and service offerings in the near future.